Friday, December 22

House Update

Well, it's been a while since I posted an update on the house. Been pretty busy with everything that needs to be done before we can fully move in. Most of our furniture and belonging are already at the new house but still need to move a few more things from my office (2 desks and a number of items and that still need to be boxed up) and the master bedroom. Also need to move the table and grill from the back deck and finish cleaning out the basement and outside shed. Ingrid's piano turned out to be a bigger issue that I thought it would. I had made arrangements for a piano mover to move it to the large landing at the top of the stairs at the new house, but after countless phone calls, they cancelled on me saying they were short on manpower because of the season. Ingrid, Mike and I ended up moving it over here ourselves and for now it's being stored in the garage behind the Barracuda. Other than that, it's been mostly painting and fixing things that were either broken or not assembled right in the first place. The new master bedroom is painted as well as both Ingrid's and my offices (still need to pick up the tarps in Ingrid's office). Need to put up the border paper in the downstairs bath and I can call that done also (got to take a much needed shower in there for the first time this morning). The master bath still has a ways to go and it'll take me another few days to get that done. It's only half painted and I still need to fix a number of things in there (ceiling fan, shower doors, etc...).

More Later..

Saturday, December 9

Useless Paint Sprayer and other Ramblings

Well that Power Sprayer is a POS. The gun keeps locking up and I have to take it apart to clean it every few minutes. It's not making anything easier and I'm getting more paint of the tarps then on the ceiling. I think I have to thin the paint out even more than I already have. It seems like it's way too thick to pump through the gun.

Also changed all the locks and deadbolts with a new keyed alike set. Kitchen door, front door, french door and garage door. I have to get another hole saw for the garage door which doesn't have a dead bolt. I bought a lock install tool at Lowes but it seems to be for wood doors and can't cut through the skin of a metal door.

Also got the Barracuda and Mustang moved over to the new place and they're now parked in the new garage. Have to run the Red Dakota over there tomorrow and get it off the trailer so I can use it to carry other items in the move. The enclosed trailer is working out great. I was concerned about the lack of tie downs in the trailer but we've been able to pack it well enough so things don't slide around much. Have to get a photo of it on the back of the Ram. Truck and Trailer combined are over 45' long. But I've still been able to maneuver it around the tight drive way in West Hartland with a little effort.

Friday, December 8

Closed on the House

We closed on the house at 5PM this afternoon. Have until the end of the month to get moved out of the house in West Hartland and into the new house in East Hartland. But I have to do some painting first at the new place. My office, Ingrid's office, Master Bedroom and both bath rooms. I bought a set of Wagner Power Sprayers (Spray Gun and Roller) Hopefully that will help speed things up.

Saturday, November 11

Judas Priest

I've been a big fan of Judas Priest since the early 80s. Came across this cool video on YouTube of their performance at the VH1 Rock Honors and had to share.

Monday, October 30

Why Crack Heads Shouldn't Paint Cars!

Have $300k you want to piss away, this Beauty is on AutoTrader.Com

UPDATE: Looks like the crack high is starting to wear off and the seller has lowered the price to just $89,000.

ANOTHER UPDATE: This guy must be out of crack, he's lowered the price again to a bargin price of $16,000.

How do you paint tires anyhow?

Bunny Loves Bear - Google Video

Bunny Loves Bear - Google Video

Sunday, September 17

18th Annual Mopar Power Festival @ New England Dragway

The Ram took a second place in the 94-current truck class at the 18th Annual Mopar Power Festival at New England Dragway.

Thursday, August 31

Walt found (GCJ7HJ) A short walk along the Mad River by wide glide

(GCJ7HJ) A short walk along the Mad River by wide glide

Took an early morning walk before the muggles awoke.

Walt found (GCWHRW) Summer Fun by R J and SpawnAlley

(GCWHRW) Summer Fun by R J and SpawnAlley

Went by last night but there was a game in progress so I decided to wait. Woke up earlier than normal this morning and decided I wanted a coffee and some fresh air.

Wednesday, August 30

Walt did not find (GCXWQ8) Falls Brook by meestermole

(GCXWQ8) Falls Brook by meestermole

Another one that gave me a lot of trouble. It seems my little Garmin eTrex Legend has a lot of trouble locking onto signals when I get into an area with heavy tree cover. I found the area including following what the hint implies, but I kept loosing signal and when I did manage to lock in on a couple satellites, the GPS would drift around the waypoint by as much as 100 feet while I was standing still. Couldn't get the accuracy to read below 80 feet at best. Poked around a bit looking for obvious signs of a typical hide but after killing an hour, I gave up and hiked out. Looks like it'll be time to upgrade units soon. A better GPS with a better antenna will definitely help on this one.

Walt found (GCW50W) The Ghost of Milo Coe by Brywalker and SpawnAlley

(GCW50W) The Ghost of Milo Coe by Brywalker and SpawnAlley

3rd time is a charm. As I suspected this isn't a micro cache but a 6x6, shallow plastic container. The tall plant growth obscures the hint so walk around by the marker a bit and the hint will jump up and trip you.

Tuesday, August 29

The Mustang Travel Bug goes missing!

Last dropped in Mondo's Bug Hotel, it appears the cache was muggled sometime between Aug 23rd and Aug 28th.

Saturday, August 26

Hey, Look what I found!

Retrieved it this morning from the Fountain Park Cache, less than 30 miles from my house. Here it is on the roof of my 96 Dakota.

Need a hint?

The Gen II Dakota Travel bug Jon dropped in CO during the National Meet.

Now I have to figure out where I'm going to drop it. Hmmmmmmm.

Quote of the day: "I Use A Multi-Billion Dollar Military Satellite System To Find Tupperware In The Woods, What Do You Do?"

Friday, August 25

Log by Walt_Felix for Dam That River (Traditional Cache)

Log by Walt_Felix for Dam That River (Traditional Cache)

Decided to get out of the house for a few hours in the light rain. The hint doesn't make sense but that could be due to signs of recent excavation work on the trial. It looks like they scraped and widened it a bit as well as some tree removal. Several small piles of cut logs were along the trail. Otherwise, a great hide. Left Dodge "Charger is Back!" wristband, TNSL.

Log by Walt_Felix for The Ghost of Milo Coe (Unknown Cache)

Log by Walt_Felix for The Ghost of Milo Coe (Unknown Cache)

I tried to give this one a shot this evening but with it just about dark and with the light rain, it was making it difficult. Found the momument with no problem, did the math but the GPS was jumping around so I was having some trouble. Think I was within a few feet of the cache but couldn't locate it. Looking at the other logs, it's a bit confusing. Is this a micro like listed? I see logs where items were left. I will give this another shot tommorrow in the daylight.

Saturday, August 19

Travel Bug Update

Walt-n-Ingrid's Virtual Roadtrip #4 - Dodge Dakota Travel Bug has made it to Nebraska

Walt finds the Trilliums Hill Cache (Traditional Cache)

Log by Walt_Felix for Trilliums Hill Cache (Traditional Cache)

Walt found the Hartland Hollow (Traditional Cache)

2nd find of the day. Left Dodge "Caliber" promotional key-chain and took insect repellent wipe. Easy find.
Log by Walt_Felix for Hartland Hollow (Traditional Cache)

Howells Pond (Traditional Cache)

Took a ride over to the Howells Pond (Traditional Cache) to drop off the Winnie the Pooh woods visitor and retrieved White Jeep Travel Bug "Barron" (2005 White Jeep Travel Bug).

This is my second visit to this cache which is closest to my house, this time with success.

I do want to add though, while the GPS coordinates seem pretty accurate, though hard to get a signal in the woods, I don't agree with the owner's "additional hints". If going counter-clockwise around the pond, you'll come to a party area just before the second creek and the cache is between the second creek and third creek. The owner's hints make more sense if you were going clockwise instead of counter-clockwise.

Thursday, August 17

Walt-n-Ingrid's Virtual Roadtrip #3 - Ford Mustang (Travel Bug Dog Tag)

Travel Bug update.

Looks like the Mustang Travel Bug was dropped just SE of Colorado Springs, which is actually closer to LoneDuck, where we we staying when we were in CO, than the original cache we dropped it in. It made it 101.5 miles on that trip.

Log by DogCatFxr for Walt-n-Ingrid's Virtual Roadtrip #3 - Ford Mustang (Travel Bug Dog Tag)

But it didn't stay there long, another Geocacher retrieved it the same afternoon, so it's still on the move.

Sunday, August 13

Dodge Truck World - Truck of the Week

The Ram has been selected as the DodgeTruckWorld.Com truck of the week. Dodge Truck World -- Gallery: WaltFelix

Monday, July 31

Monday July 31st - A Really Long Day

Got on the road bright and early after eating a quick breakfast. Immediately discovered another problem with the truck, the brake pedal had become very soft since parking last night. Upon further inspection at a truck stop on I-80, I discovered a major brake fluid leak in the rear brake line that runs along the frame rail behind the gas tank. After adding some additional fluid, we slowly made our way over to a Dodge dealer in Williamsport PA that I found listed in the GPS map software. They found the line had rusted and ruptured, requiring them to remove the gas tank to replace the line. After 4 hours and $250 ($15 parts and the rest labor) we were back on the road. Made a quick fuel stop in Bloomsburg, PA and hit the local Autozone to grab an AC recharge kit in a failed attempt to get the AC working again. The delays required us to slightly change our itinerary and skip a few planned side trips to Centralia PA and the Orange County Choppers showroom in Montgomery NY. Instead we just headed straight home arriving back at the house about 9:30PM

Sunday, July 30

Sunday July 30th

Our morning started off by breaking down our campsite and then heading over to South Buder Park to meet up with the group for the last time of this meet.

Dodger modeled for a few photos with the trucks.

Snapped a few more photos of the trucks in the lot and hit the road about noon.

Drove through St. Louis on our way back towards CT and discovered about a half hour into the trip that the AC in the truck has quit working. The overhead console reads 102° outside and it's uncomfortably hot in the truck. But we continued on, through Indianapolis IN and Columbus OH, eventually stopping at a Super 8 Motel in Clarion, PA about midnight.

Saturday, July 29

After the show

A bunch of us went back to the Drury Inn for an evening of

First off, Gary and myself took a few moments to capture a few photos of our trucks in the parking lot.

Then a little side trip back over to Hotshots for some libations.

The was an incident involving Mustard that I can't go into detail about because I took an oath to protect the identity of those involved.

Frenzy (Filip) the Crazy Drunken Belgian

Queen JZGirl holds court in room 304. Bless Her Heart! Later on, Hotel management had to intervene because of noise complaints.

On that thought, Ingrid and I were schooled in proper southern etiquette. It is perfectly acceptable to say anything about a southern girl and long as you follow up with the phrase "Bless her Heart". For example "She had all those little babies from all those different gentelmen, Bless her Heart!"
Photos of the drunken Belgians have been omitted to protect the not so innocent. But I will add, in hindsight, asking someone to toss you a beer might be interpreted differently by someone from Belgium. David has quite an arm and Brad can really catch.

Chuck-A-Burger Drive In

Because the weather was quickly changing with an approaching thunder storm, we quickly rushed through the trophy presentation at FastLane and headed over to Chuck-A-Burger Drive In.
There the clouds moved in and it got really dark.

As the storm moves in, we could see a rotating area in the clouds that could potentially be the beginning stages of a tornado.
Everyone started moving their trucks under the canopy as the rain began.

But as soon as the storm moved in, it passes by and dissipates.

So after an hour or so, we move most of the trucks (some attendees had already left) for the group shot.

More photos from Chuck-A-Burger.

Fast Lane Classic Cars

Some photos from the DTW National Meet/Truck Show @ Fast Lane Classic Cars

I won a "Top 10" Trophy at the show with the Ram.
Gary Hedlin's 98 Dakota. I know Gary from the Dakota Mailing List though this is the first time we've met in person.
Gary also won a "Top 10" as well as cleaning up on some cool door prizes.

Click here for more photos from FastLane.

Sat. July 29th

After getting back to the campground after 1am again, we got a slow start this morning. First order of business is a trip to the car wash to prepare the truck for the show today at FastLane. Then after giving the truck a quick once over, back down to Buder park to meet up with the rest of the gang.

We all ate some more dogs and burgers and everyone started out for BIGFOOT® 4x4, Inc. - The Home of BIGFOOT®, The Original Monster Truck.

Ingrid and I bought some mud flaps, in their open store front, to replace the one that melted on my tail pipe on the way out to CO. I checked out their shop from the observation windows upstairs, but not much was going on as it was mid-afternoon on a Saturday and the shop was closed. All I could see was one of the early Bigfoot trucks in the far bay with a newer Bigfoot in another and a couple of rolling chassis in the rear bay. The shop was pretty empty and no one was there.

Friday, July 28

Friday Night

After leaving the park, we all went over to the Drury Inn to cool off in the pool and then the hot tub after it started raining outside.

Q: What's the capacity of a hotel hot tub?
A: 12 to empty it and 14 to fill it.

From there, we drove back to the campground to clean up and then met up with everyone in the parking lot of the Drury. A quick dinner at Bandana's Bar-B-Q and then some fun parking lot shenanigans.

One of the folks from the GA chapter had a mason jar with a clear liquid in it and said to me, "Here, take a sip of this, it'll blow you buubs off!" Never tried moonshine before so I took a sip. It had an interesting flavor at first but then started to burn. "It'll blow you buubs off!" became the unofficial saying of the meet and produced hours of drunken laughter.

South Buder Park Dash Webcam Images

Here are a couple of select images captured by the dash webcam.

"Rick, I'm on the webcam! Can you see me now!?"

David and Filip from Belgium

I think we need a few more coolers!
Banners up!
It's time for Walt's World Famous Lawn Jenga!

Hey, You at Home. Hungry?

This Can't be Good!