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National DML Meet: Walt-n-Ingrid's itinerary - Rough Draft

Ingrid and I will be traveling to the National Meet from CT. 2041 miles from our house to Lone Duck according to the GPS software. However, we have also decided to expand our trip to a full 24 days on the road with our path taking us via Sandusky OH and Madrid IA on the trip out and St. Louis MO on the return trip.

Our plan is to leave CT on Sat. July 8th and drive to Sandusky, OH for two nights at Camp Sandusky where we'll be spending Sunday at Cedar Point Amusement Park. With both of us being big time coaster fans, this has always been a "Must Do" if we ever happened to be passing by.

Back on the road Monday morning and drive through to Madrid, IA to visit some old college friends now living there. I received an email from them this morning and they're already planning a BBQ so we can catch up and reminisce about old times before we get back on the road Tuesday morning.

Our next stop will be in Brush, CO for an overnight stay at a hotel and back on the road Wednesday morning, heading into Colorado Springs and onto Lone Duck. The GPS software calculated a path down route 71 to route 24 and then down into Colorado Springs, completely avoiding Denver as recommended. It looks to be a fairly rural route so I don't anticipate any delays though I did have to alter my fuel windows a bit because there was a rather long stretch on 71 that didn't have a gas station listed and my window ended right in the middle of it. I can make it just shy of 300 miles on a tank of gas and I configured my GPS software to calculate a fuel stop every 200 miles +/- 30, with an overnight stop every 600.

I still need to make a reservation at Lone Duck for the 3 nights prior to the start of the meet. I was holding off because I wasn't sure of when exactly we would be arriving but now I'm pretty confident it'll be Wednesday mid-day so I'll give them a call tomorrow and make that final reservation.

The return trip is pretty much set with reservations at the KOA campgrounds in Salina KS and St. Louis West locations. We'll be staying 6 nights in St. Louis to attend another National Meet with DodgeTruckWorld.Com.

I'll post more details of our itinerary as soon as I solidify a few more plans.

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