Friday, December 22

House Update

Well, it's been a while since I posted an update on the house. Been pretty busy with everything that needs to be done before we can fully move in. Most of our furniture and belonging are already at the new house but still need to move a few more things from my office (2 desks and a number of items and that still need to be boxed up) and the master bedroom. Also need to move the table and grill from the back deck and finish cleaning out the basement and outside shed. Ingrid's piano turned out to be a bigger issue that I thought it would. I had made arrangements for a piano mover to move it to the large landing at the top of the stairs at the new house, but after countless phone calls, they cancelled on me saying they were short on manpower because of the season. Ingrid, Mike and I ended up moving it over here ourselves and for now it's being stored in the garage behind the Barracuda. Other than that, it's been mostly painting and fixing things that were either broken or not assembled right in the first place. The new master bedroom is painted as well as both Ingrid's and my offices (still need to pick up the tarps in Ingrid's office). Need to put up the border paper in the downstairs bath and I can call that done also (got to take a much needed shower in there for the first time this morning). The master bath still has a ways to go and it'll take me another few days to get that done. It's only half painted and I still need to fix a number of things in there (ceiling fan, shower doors, etc...).

More Later..

Saturday, December 9

Useless Paint Sprayer and other Ramblings

Well that Power Sprayer is a POS. The gun keeps locking up and I have to take it apart to clean it every few minutes. It's not making anything easier and I'm getting more paint of the tarps then on the ceiling. I think I have to thin the paint out even more than I already have. It seems like it's way too thick to pump through the gun.

Also changed all the locks and deadbolts with a new keyed alike set. Kitchen door, front door, french door and garage door. I have to get another hole saw for the garage door which doesn't have a dead bolt. I bought a lock install tool at Lowes but it seems to be for wood doors and can't cut through the skin of a metal door.

Also got the Barracuda and Mustang moved over to the new place and they're now parked in the new garage. Have to run the Red Dakota over there tomorrow and get it off the trailer so I can use it to carry other items in the move. The enclosed trailer is working out great. I was concerned about the lack of tie downs in the trailer but we've been able to pack it well enough so things don't slide around much. Have to get a photo of it on the back of the Ram. Truck and Trailer combined are over 45' long. But I've still been able to maneuver it around the tight drive way in West Hartland with a little effort.

Friday, December 8

Closed on the House

We closed on the house at 5PM this afternoon. Have until the end of the month to get moved out of the house in West Hartland and into the new house in East Hartland. But I have to do some painting first at the new place. My office, Ingrid's office, Master Bedroom and both bath rooms. I bought a set of Wagner Power Sprayers (Spray Gun and Roller) Hopefully that will help speed things up.