Friday, April 13

House Update

We installed a new Regency I2400 Wood Fireplace Insert with a stainless steel full flue liner which was inspected by the building inspector today. Rated for 75,000 BTU, this should keep the house pretty warm in the colder weather.

Sunday, April 8

Icy Brook

Besides this blog, I also keep a second, weather related, blog on the WUnderground site.

Here are a few images I took with my new camera and posted to that blog. Click any of the images to visit that blog.

Thursday, April 5

New Camera

Ingrid bought me a new Camera for my Birthday, a Canon EOS 400D Digital Rebel XTi, 10.1MP Digital SLR. Very Cool! Also got the first two seasons of "Dead Like Me" on DVD and a new beard and mustache trimmer.

Here's a photo I took of Daisy while playing with the Camera.