Thursday, November 29

Always keep condoms in your car!

Monday, November 26

Winter Wonderland

Well, everyone's favorite seasonal entrepreneur is back, this time hawking Christmas goods.

Wednesday, November 21

Tuesday, November 13

Mike on "Chicken Run"

This is video I shot two years ago of my friend Mike's 98 Dodge Dakota which has been converted to a solid front axle from the stock IFS. It was taken while Mike attempted to navigate the rocks on a "Blue 2" trail called "Chicken Run" at Paragon Adventure Park in PA. In this video Mike twists his rear driveshaft, however, we continued out of the trail and through other areas of the park before finally removing the rear driveshaft and continuing with just front wheel drive.

Thursday, November 8

In New Jersey, even the bears steal cars

Wild thief leaves candy wrapper trail
By Doyle Murphy

November 08, 2007

Vernon, N.J. - A brawny thief smashed through a minivan’s window yesterday, took the vehicle on a short ride and dumped it on the side of the road before fleeing on foot into the woods, township police said.
Police have described the suspect as a black bear.
About 2 a.m., Patrolman David Dehardt noticed the 2004 Mazda minivan parked on the side of the road in the Highland Lakes section of the township.
Dehardt investigated and took detailed notes to describe the crime scene: paw marks on the windshield, bear drool on the cloth interior, claw marks on torn-off door panels, black hair on the seats and countless candy wrappers in and out of the minivan.
Based on his investigation, Dehardt developed a theory. The bear broke the window to steal a bag of Halloween candy and dislodged the parking brake, sending the minivan about 40 feet down a driveway and onto the road.
Dehardt followed a trail of candy wrappers into the woods, but was unable to locate the suspect.

Thursday, November 1