Thursday, July 24

Walt's Barracuda

So after a long wait, I finally put a new clutch in the car last week, a Ram Clutches "Street Dual" with an aluminum flywheel and took the car out for a test romp. 5 minutes later, I twisted the splines off the driver's side axle shaft and tore up the cone in the limited slip. It's apart right now, waiting on a set of Moser racing alloy axles and a set of 4.30 gears. Terry over at Terry's Transmission is rebuilding the limited slip and setting up the gears. Should have it back together early next week so I can send it off to the welding shop to have the frame connectors and roll bar welded in. Also need to install the new exhaust, driveshaft loop, relocate the battery to the trunk with a battery cut-off, install the line lock on the fronts and an adjustable proportioning valve for the rear brakes. One of my racing buckets came in and the other is still back ordered. I haven't even ordered the harnesses or the adjustable race shocks I want yet. I'll have photos soon.