Monday, March 23

As Smooth As..Black Lacquer

As seen on the hood of a 1970 Plymouth Hemi Road Runner (1 of 16 built) with an Air Grabber Hood. Acrylic lacquer paints have been largely discontinued by most car manufacturers and is primarily used for antique or classic car restorations, or other garage kept vehicles that see limited use. It is used where the highest possible gloss and shine is desired and black is often considered the most difficult color to paint because it requires the most meticulous surface preparation. The slightest imperfection in the body work will clearly be visible after the paint is applied. Hundreds of hours of multiple skim coats, wet sanding, painting and buffing is required to get a show quality mirror finish. The rectangular panel in the center is the top of the Air Grabber which is a vacuum actuated hood scoop the opens by remote via a dash mounted switch. In this photo it's in the closed position.

Tuesday, March 10