Thursday, January 23

1970 Plymouth Fury III

Someday I’d love to find one of these old boats with the hide away headlights and a 440 under the hood.  1970 Plymouth Fury III

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Thursday, January 16

Black Skimmers and Gulls

Black Skimmers and Gulls

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Ice on Hood

Ice on the Hood

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Featherd Ice Crystals

Yesterday while warming up the truck before going into work, I noticed my wife’s car almost looked like it was covered in feathers.  Ice had formed all over the cars in the driveway with elaborate patterns. This is a close up of the hood of my wife’s Scion.

Featherd Ice Crystals

Featherd Ice Crystals , #Crystals, #Ice

Friday, January 10

Beer Tasting

Beer Tasting at Firefly Hollow Brewing Co in Bristol, CT.

I recommend the Toadstool Oat Stout on Nitrogen @FireflyBrewing

Beer Tasting

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Thursday, January 9

Decaying Monolith

I’ve passed by this old industrial building hundreds of times over the years and kept saying I need to photograph it. Recently, another old building in the area, that I was thinking the same thing about, was torn down to build a parking lot and I missed the opportunity. Motivated me enough to get out on a cold day and capture this one before it’s lost. I think this may have been some sort of dormitory for a local landscaping nursery or perhaps one of the big tobacco farms that used to dominate the region.

Decaying Monolith

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Wednesday, January 8

The Eye of God

Not one of my images but had to share this amazing shot by one on my Flickr acquaintances. Upper Antelope Canyon just outside of Page, AZ. Taken from the canyon floor looking straight up, the Navajo people call this view of the canyon ceiling “The Eye of God”.

Grand Circle Tour - Antelope Canyon (The Eye of God)

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Monday, January 6

Saturday, January 4

SRT Track Experience - Chrysler 300C SRT8 Ridealong

I receive some instruction on how to enter and exit corners in a Chrysler 300 SRT8. SRT Track Experience, Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ. 6/16/2011

During during the Driving Dynamics module, , while following an instructor car, I was told afterwards, that it appeared I was starting to turn as soon as I saw he was, rather than waiting until I reached the turn-in cone myself. Here, another instructor clarifies how to read the track cones to establish my marks. What I was doing wrong was I was following the lead car rather than hitting my marks. Even now, watching the video, I can see a few spots I wish I took a slightly different line than I was. If you haven’t done the SRT Track Experience, it’s really worth to trip.

SRT Track Experience - Chrysler 300C SRT8 Ridealong ,

1964 Dodge

1964 Dodge A-100 Pickup

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